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Remanufactured Transmissions vs. Rebuilt Transmissions

Repairing transmissions that are in need of a complete rebuild can be quite costly. In most cases, customers with a failed automatic transmission end up paying a lot more money for repairs that they don’t understand very well. If the automatic transmission of your vehicle is not working properly, then it is best to look for remanufactured transmissions rather than going for the costly, yet unsuccessful repairs.

Most manufacturers replace the items that are entirely worn out in the case of a rebuilt transmission, which means that the items that are marginally good will not be replaced. A rebuilt and repaired transmission might work well sometimes, but it will not be as good as a remanufactured transmission. On the other hand, all the worn items in the automatic transmission will be replaced in case of a remanufactured transmission. Even the marginally good parts that are still working will be completely replaced or re-machined. This makes remanufactured transmission a much better choice when compared to opting for a rebuilt transmission.

Remanufactured transmissions are also a lot more different from the transmissions that are simply rebuilt or repaired by including a few updates, which the factory should have initially included in the main design of the transmission in the first place. Remanufactured transmissions usually include slight modifications to the valve body and the machining of the internal parts of the transmission to extend its life and performance.

Additionally, some remanufacturers also prefer to use better quality friction materials to the transmission during the remanufacturing process to make it more efficient. These kind of modifications, which are implemented by the remanufacturers to boost the durability and lifespan of the transmission, are absent in most rebuilt transmissions.

Several rebuild shops in the country do not even have the right equipment for handling the repairs on an automatic transmission, which has undergone a severe failure. These rebuilding shops also have no access to high-pressure hot tanks, which are specially designed to thoroughly clean the small passages of the automatic transmission. At Berkeley Standard, we have the most up to date technology and tools, which allow us to produce high-quality remanufactured transmissions with ease. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help.