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Checking your Nissan TCM Part Number for Updates

The TCM part number determines whether the vehicle needs to be programmed when replacing a transmission or valve body.  To check your TCM part number, use a level-3 scan tool to look up ECU Information and under Transmission.  The TCM part number should start with 31036-XXXXX and the 5 characters following the hyphen indicate the programming on the TCM.

The images below show how to do this on a CONSULT III +, which is Nissan’s dealer-level programming software.

Once you have your TCM part number, check to see whether there is a programming update on Nissan TechInfo

  1. Go to https://www.nissan-techinfo.com/ecm07.aspx and enter 30136 in the first ECU part number search box
  2. Enter the next 5 characters of the ECU part number and click on the Nissan dropdown in ALL CAPS
  3. Compare the ECU ID to see if there is an update. If you have the current version of ECU software Nissan will not offer a configuration.

    1. In order to update the ECU file, you need a subscription to Nissan’s programming software (NERS or Consult III Plus). If you have this software you can download the calibration file from Nissan for $30 and reflash the TCM.
    2. If you do not have the software and cannot hire a programmer with the software, Nissan dealerships will perform the reflash for between $100 – $300.
    3. The DrewTech RAP Kit is also capable of reflashing the TCM on all Nissan models except for the CVT8 that comes with a programming CD (JF016E / RE0F10D in the 2013 and newer Altima and 2014 and newer Rogue)