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Resolving Gear Shift Issues in your Volkswagen

Volkswagen owners might know that some of their car models may have transmission problems. The transmission used in these cars is the 09G transmission and the automatic ones are known to have issues with rough shifting into gears. Driving vehicles with these transmission issues can be a really uncomfortable and frightening experience.

Rough shifting is a common problem with the 09G transmissions used in Volkswagen cars. The 09G transmission is the same as the Aisin-Warner TF60SN transmission that is used in cars like the Audi A3 and Mini Cooper. The problems with transmission may occur out of the warranty period and you will need to seek help of repair technician to fix the issue.

The gearshift issues with the 09G transmission can make driving really difficult. The problem usually occurs when shifting gears and the driver may experience a rattling or slip-bump. The common issues experienced are:

  • Rough shifts from first to second and second to third gears
  • Bumping, rattling, or banging
  • Harsh downshifts
  • Harsh or rough gear engagement

Some car mechanics might tell you that the transmission of your car is defective and that it should be repaired. It is true that the transmission needs to be repaired, but restoring it to the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) state will not fix the issue, as this is a problem with the transmission model.

In addition to that, the issue is not caused due to any wear, tear, or damages to the transmission unit. The 09G transmission has some inherent problems, particularly with the valve body that result in abnormal wear and tear and leakage. This abrupt wear and tear to the transmission may make the solenoid sticking, leading to the issues that you experience while driving the car.

In other cases, the issues are electrical in nature. The 09G transmission is designed with adaptive shifting, meaning that the transmission will adjust the way it shifts gears based on the driving of the person. Obviously, this can result in many problems, especially after conducting repairs on the transmission. This is why experts say that transmission repairs are not a complete fix to the problem, and neither will getting a replacement OEM transmission or 09G valve body will fix the issue.

The remanufactured 09G valve body can handle the fluids properly to fix the gearshift problems effectively. We at Berkley Standard offer remanufactured 09G valve body that can resolve the inherent issues with the 09G transmission in your Volkswagen cars. So, if you are experiencing gear-shifting issues in your ride, just give us a call and we will help you understand and fix the problem.