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Valve Body RE010FA
Cat_Valve Body RE0F10A 1 Sensor_1Cat_Valve Body RE0F10A 1 Sensor_2Cat_Valve Body RE0F10A 1 Sensor_3Cat_Valve Body RE0F10A 2 Sensor_1Cat_Valve Body RE0F10A 2 Sensor_2Cat_Valve Body RE0F10A 2 Sensor_3

JF011E Valve Body

Remanufactured JF011E valve body for Nissan, Dodge, Jeep and Mitsubishi CVT.
- Each valve body is disassembled, cleaned, inspected, calibrated and tested to restore OE form, fit and function.
- Solenoids are individually cleaned, inspected, calibrated, and tested.
- All replaced parts used are 100% OE or OE quality replacement.
- All remanufactured process performed by certified technicians in ISO 9001 accredited facility.
- 1 year, unlimited mileage warranty.

200-01A Valve Body Assembly - 1 pressure sensor (RE0F10B) 31705-3TX0C Reman in Malaysia
200-01B Valve Body Assembly - 2 pressure sensor (RE0F10A) 31705-1XF0D Reman in Malaysia

The only difference between 200-01A and 200-01B is the primary pressure sensor is omitted in 200-01A.  The two-sensor JF011e valve body, 200-01B, can be used in one sensor applications, but 200-01A cannot be used in transmissions that use the two-sensor 200-01B.

Generally JATCO transmissions with stamp codes beginning in 1XT** have the one sensor valve body and JATCO transmissions beginning in 1XF** use the two sensor valve body.  Chrysler CVTs all use 200-01B, the two-sensor valve body.