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The Working and Benefits Of CVT Transmission

CVT or Continuously Variable Transmission is the latest technology utilized in new cars for transferring the power output from the engine to the wheels without any losses. Also referred to as single-speed transmission, CVT provides an excellent power output, better fuel efficiency, and a smooth driving experience, than a manual transmission. The system differs from the traditional transmission methods used in vehicles that use a set of gears for transferring power alternatively to the wheels.

The Workings of a CVT

CVT uses a pulley system with cones that move to vary the diameter of the belt. This will then select the appropriate gear ratio, dependent on many factors, like the position of the accelerator pedal, the speed of the vehicle, and engine running speed. The gear ratios get altered automatically to elicit a good match of performance, speed, and fuel efficiency. It differs considerably than a traditional transmission method and provides a much smoother delivery of power that gets rid of the shift shock common in manual transmissions.

A CVT driving experience differs from a traditional manual transmission. The engine RPM undergoes several variations during accelerating. The power is delivered appropriately to the wheels depending on the condition of the road and the traction of the wheels.

Benefits CVT Transmission

CVT transmission offers numerous advantages, the most discussed one being excellent fuel efficiency. Additionally, it supplies an ample amount of power to the wheels without the need for shifting, especially when driving on steep roads. This results in a highly smooth driving experience that is the prerequisite to comfortable long distance driving. However, issues like varying engine RPM and sound, as well as the inability to pair with higher torque engines, are some of the drawbacks of CVT systems.

Most manufacturers have now shifted to using CVT systems in their vehicles rather than going for traditional transmission systems. Nissan is one such major car manufacturer that focuses more on CVT transmission systems in its lineup of cars, like the Murano and Altima. However, the Murano transmission was prone to numerous issues that led to many customers replacing the entire transmission unit. The Murano CVT system also suffered from other problems, like frequent power losses.

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