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Transmission Remanufacturing Process of Jasper Engines

Remanufactured engines have major improvements and tweaking performed on them for correcting any design flaws thereby bringing out the best performance. However, such remanufacturing work done on the engine is incomplete if it does not extend to the transmission systems.

The transmission systems play a crucial role in transferring the raw power output generated by the engine to the wheels without any losses. Remanufacturing the transmission is highly necessary for obtaining the best performances out of the vehicle in any condition. Jasper engines offer the right solution for incorporating remanufactured transmissions into any kind of vehicles whether terrestrial or marine.

During the remanufacturing process undertaken by Jasper engines, the remanufactured transmissions undergo an extensive verification process that ensures the systems are performing with utmost efficiency. They also provide extended warranty of three years on the remanufactured automatic and standard transmissions. The process of remanufacturing the transmission undertaken by Jasper involves the maintenance, repair, and testing of each of the components in the systems.

The transmission is fully disassembled to clean each of the individual parts and components. Any of the contaminants lodged inside the transmission is thoroughly cleaned for preventing early wear of the gears, bearings, shafts, and valve body. The parts are subjected to careful inspection and undergo micro finish that aids in extending the bushing life. Jasper uses precise machining techniques to achieve the exact tolerances required from the transmission components. This includes resurfacing of the cast and valve body and profilometer inspection of the shaft finish.

Gauging of the front pumps and gears are carried out for ensuring tolerance and operational efficiency. The torque converters undergo cutting for cleaning the insides as well as in carrying out inspections and replacements of the washers, gears, springs, etc. Afterward, they undergo an Answermatic test for testing of the valve bodies. In addition, before finishing off the remanufacturing process, the transmission is subjected to a thorough pre-inspection to ensure the system is working perfectly without any flaws.

At Berkeley Standard, we offer the precision transmission remanufacturing offered by Jasper engines. Our extended range of services involves additional quality control checkups for both automatic and manual transmission systems applicable across a range of major automobile manufacturers. At Berkeley Standard, the remanufactured transmissions undergo component level and complete unit testing over several crucial parameters.

We carry out the replacement and repair of each of the component that complies 100% with the OE specifications. In addition, we have the most modern and state of the art ISO 9001/TS 16949 certified remanufacturing facility that helps us ensure that we always deliver excellent results.