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The Working and Benefits Of CVT Transmission

CVT or Continuously Variable Transmission is the latest technology utilized in new cars for transferring the power output from the engine to the wheels without any losses. Also referred to as single-speed transmission, CVT provides an excellent power output, better fuel efficiency, and a smooth driving experience, than a manual transmission. The system differs from…Read more

Resolving Gear Shift Issues in your Volkswagen

Volkswagen owners might know that some of their car models may have transmission problems. The transmission used in these cars is the 09G transmission and the automatic ones are known to have issues with rough shifting into gears. Driving vehicles with these transmission issues can be a really uncomfortable and frightening experience. Rough shifting is…Read more

3 Common Car Transmissions Systems

A few decades ago, most cars on the road had three pedals, and the process of learning how to operate a clutch was a daunting task for some drivers. However, plenty of different varieties of gearbox arrangements can be seen today and all of them have their own pros and cons. The functions of all…Read more

Berkeley Standard Tradeshows

Berkeley Standard is making its way around the world to bring you our full line of products and feature our expertly remanufactured transmissions. We look forward to developing relationships with distributors around the world to join us on our mission and bring the highest standard in remanufacturing to consumers. Automechanika Dubai: May 7-9 (Booth 7-C17) Automechanika…Read more

A brief look at our remanufactured General Motors TEHCMs

Whether on eBay or through a GM parts website, it’s easy to find remanufactured TEHCM for sale.  At Berkeley Standard we want to share our process and how our remanufactured 1st generation TECHM is superior to a repaired unit.  The most common failure modes for 1st generation 6T40/6T45/6L70 TEHCM are pressure switches, solenoids, and sensor…Read more