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JF010E / RE0F09A JF011E CVT INSTALLATION TIPS FOR 3.5 Liter Murano, Quest, Maxima, and Altima CVT MODELS

CVT Cooler Overview The CVT oil warmer/cooler has two closed loops to exchange heat between the CVT and the engine.  After starting the vehicle, the engine helps warm the CVT fluid to operating temperature.  During extended operation, the exchange provides a cooling effect as heat from the CVT is exchanged into the engine coolant. To…Read more

P17F0 / P17F1 DTC on CVT8 Transmissions

When installing a new CVT8 transmission or valve body the vehicle sometimes returns a persistent DTC P17F0 or P17F1.  This DTCs will trigger the check engine light and cannot be cleared with a scan tool. CVT8 transmissions and valve bodies come with a calibration CD when purchased new from Nissan.  This CD contains programming that normalizes the…Read more

Warning Signs of Issues in CVT Transmission

Many times, people experience issues with their car transmission, but they may not pay attention to it, as they are unsure or unaware of it. Yet in the opinion of experts, it will be best to address the problems with transmission early on, so that you can avoid transmission failure and bigger issues along the…Read more

3 Signs of a Failing Transmission Speed Sensor

Transmission speed sensors in your vehicle are mainly used for the calculation of actual gear ratio of the transmission when it is in use. There are typically two speed sensors in a transmission, commonly known as input shaft speed (ISS) sensor and output shaft speed (OSS) sensor. Both of these speed sensors work in conjunction…Read more

Aftermarket Transmission Electro-Hydraulic Control Module (TEHCM)

Transmission Electro-Hydraulic Control Module (TEHCM) is the unit that combines functions of transmission control module, pressure and temperature switches, and valve body solenoids into a single unit. Every year, more and more manufacturers are making use of the TEHCM technology to consolidate various functions and to incorporate a single unit into the transmission as opposed…Read more

3 Common Car Transmissions Systems

A few decades ago, most cars on the road had three pedals, and the process of learning how to operate a clutch was a daunting task for some drivers. However, plenty of different varieties of gearbox arrangements can be seen today and all of them have their own pros and cons. The functions of all…Read more